Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tooth Fairy

My first baby lost her first baby tooth yesterday! It's about time!! She will be 7 in 3 months and I think she is the ONLY kid in her 1st grade class that hasn't lost a tooth. She was so excited and so brave to let her Daddy yank it right out. Historically, Sydney is not our most fearless child but she wanted this so badly!! Her note to the tooth fairy read: "Dear Tooth Fairy, I will give you my tooth if you give me your wand. So if you give me your wand I'll give you my tooth. Is that a deal? ok. Love, Sydney" After I told her that may sound a little demanding she added a few "pleases" but the general demand was the same.
The tooth fairy was not as accommodating as she had hoped. She got a $1.00 because it was her first tooth and a promise of a wand IF she keeps her teeth clean and loses another tooth. She came in my room in the middle of the night to read me the note from the fairy and tell me all about the wand promise. She read me the note again when we woke up for school and read it to her dad and brother...She was thrilled! She never smiles with her teeth in pictures but now it's a different story! This was a very exciting day for her and it was just as exciting for me!