Sunday, March 8, 2009

A story about our DOGS

Once upon a time (2006) there was a lost, skinny boxer puppy. Our family was blessed and got to take her in and name her Cinde"RELLA". She was inside sometimes but mostly outside. We felt bad so we got her a huge black lab (Bruno) from the pound as a playmate. Not a great match but it made us appreciate Rella more. Bruno went to live in Queen Creek on a farm with horses. That is the truth...not a story we just told the kids. Rella became a 50/50 inside/outside dog.I can't resist boxers because of my childhood dog (Clipper). When I heard I could get a brand new pure bread for FREE I did it.
Welcome Gus Gus (2008)Gus got BIG , as puppies must...and both dogs were too much for inside. Both dogs out side were ok but there was a lot of poop, they scared little kids and we never played with them.
Having another dog made us realize how much we loved Rella and wanted just her inside to be with us as a part of the family. We found a great home for Gus Gus and that dramatically upset Sydney! Paul made her a braclette out of rope and put his dog tag on it. He also promised that Rella could sleep in her room that night. She got better but now we have 2 very sad little girls. (Sydney and Rella will get through it together...)

I really love this dog! The choice was hard but we are happy to have our girl with us INSIDE and will not get another dog...ever :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lost Time

Grammy buys the cutest things! "Oh the thumb sucker's thumb may look wrinkled and wet and withered and white as the snow, but the taste of the thumb is the sweetest taste yet, as only WE thumb suckers know." Shel Silverstein


February was completely passed over. Sorry. I am making up for lost time with a bunch of posts today. Here is what's going on. I turned 28 and it was a really good birthday. Valentines day was also good. Kate and I ran a 5k for conjoined twins and had a very fun sister day. That night the husbands joined us for a love filled night. I got a job at a Chiropractors office on Wednesday afternoon's. I have never "loved" massage therapy but I do it cause I paid for the schooling, it's flexable and it pays well. I graduated in 2001 and got a licence back then but never worked anywhere while I had it. I haven't been licenced for about 6 or 7 years all along working at spas and now a Chiro. I have always wanted to work in a Chiro office and when my dream fell in my lap I felt the need to legalize it. I AM A LICENCED MT!! My mom and dad paid for it for me and it feels so oddly AMAZING to actually be licenced. I feel so legit. Anyway, I am working there now and for the first time I feel like I'm working where I should. One of my BIL's (Brothers-in-Law) is a part owner of a Mortgage company and he is hiring a lot of us as family to help out there. Another one of my BIL's is THE accounting manager there and is having me help out. It is like playing "Office" and the beauty is that I work when I can. So, I only work when Paul is home to watch the kids. I really like it so far. Paul is still in Chandler and still liking it. There is something so great about your husband loving what he does. It's one less struggle in life. I am the Webelo Scout leader in my ward and I'm not loving that but I'm sure I'll get something out of it...someday. Paul is in the Elders Quorum presidency...he can never help cause he works so much plus he takes a lot of over time. The kids are all doing great. Minor colds and little cuts here and there but not anything to whine about...yet they do. The Merrill's are busy but happy. This was a long post. I hope to get better at this but if I don't you'll know why...busy little mommy bee.


The other day I bought Parker the cutest little shorts/shirt outfit. When I showed Syd, she went in her room and changed into similar matching shorts and it was a photo opp. She is such an awesome sister.

This is Parker Kate @ 7 months old! She is crawling all over, pulling herself up to short things, eating food that literally make Sydney dry heave...:) so funny, and she got her first tooth. Bottom left. We are loving her so much! I love all my children equally but if I'm being honest, right now at her stage, Parker brings me the most joy and happiness. Sydney amazes me daily with her reading and Joe always loves me and cuddles but Parker...I can't get enough. We are going on a trip in 14 days and Paul and I are both worried about how much we're going to miss her...and Syd and Joe. Don't judge all understand...or you will someday.

Spot Light On...

When I had just had Parker, so many people helped me by just taking Joe while Sydney went to school so I wouldn't neglect him. One of my great friends, Becky, just had a sweet baby boy and I wanted to help. She used to take Syd to school right after Parker was born so I didn't have to get dressed. Now I take her cute girl to school and pick up her awesome boy Bryce to play with Joe. It has become more of a brother thing for Joe. He loves Bryce so much. There is never a day that he doesn't want Bryce to be with him the whole day. I would take him all day every day too but I guess his Mom loves him and wants him to be around sometimes. :) This is Joe and Bryce @ Walmart in a cart filled with towels. Bryce is one of the nicest boys in the world. He and Joe never fight! They have the "I had that first" fight every once in a while but they are both peace makers so whoever wins and gets the toy...honestly 2 minutes later, gives it nicly to the other for a fair turn. They will be great missionaries someday. I love Bryce and am so glad Joe has him. Wonderful parents raised that kid.

"eye raxer"

In a high pitched baby voice with toy pliers and hammer in his hands, Joe squatted down and sweetly said to a crawling Parker, "Come here, Baby. I won't cut your eyes out. You want you eyes, huh? Where you goin' Baby? But, I love you. This is my 'eye raxer'. I won't cut your eyes out with this." When I looked at him in awe and confusion, he replied, "What? I won't cut her eyes out. You want a 'eye raxer too?" This is what I get for leaving them with Paul for a full day...:) She looks a little nervous to me.