Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This picture looks EXACTLY like my sister Katie as a baby! Parker has a beautiful future ahead if she keeps looking like her amazing Aunt!
I Finally got a kid that looks like my side of the family! She has a lot of Merrill in her too but she has the most Dickerson of any of the 3. She has brownish/green eyes...hazel, if you will. She is very similar looking to me and Kate (my younger sis) whom she was named after. Beautiful Parker Kate!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


TJ Dickerson is my sister-in-law but more importantly my friend! She is amazing because of a lot of things but I only have pictures of 5 reasons...This one shows how sweet and loving she is towards my kids. She loves them like they were her own! I love that! This shows how fun she is! She always dresses up for halloween! holidays are all a big deal to her and her enthusiasm is contagious...and she forgives bad spelling.

She married this sexy man I call my brother! He is awesome but I will save his spot light for another time. She married him and that means...a lot. We all know how much I love him so you have to be pretty dang awesome to get my approval.
She is crafty and selfless. She made the shirt Joe is wearing and the skirt Syd is wearing. She made a ton of other things that she spent her selfless time on but I don't have the pix.

She is BRAVE!! One "bad hair day", she let me shave her entire head...no reason, just crazy and fun! I was so jealous!! And another photo of her loving my kids...

She is so fun and so loving and patient and kind. She is selfless and thoughtful, artistic and talented! I love TJ and am so lucky she is my friend! Thank you TJ!

Losing a friend

Some of you may know that I recently lost a good friend. Not to death and not to a move but because I wasn't the friend I needed to be. I have spent a lot of time sad and confused and empty feeling because of this loss and want to say to all of you that I love you. I know I am not always the friend I need to be and not always or ever the one to call or plan things. I do love my friends! I know I am the one being blessed by the friendships I have. I want to say that I appreciate all of you and the fact that you or anyone is reading this means I'm not alone. As the Golden Girls said "Thank you for being a friend..."

Friday, August 7, 2009


I am so confused by blogging and i somehow deleted people that "follow" my blog...can you re add yourselves please? I'm sorry! This was unintentional! Thanks.


Her Auntie Heidi made this beautiful towel for her when she was born...
So tiny and before she found her thumb

Beautiful baby girl!

Trying to put her bowl on her head...everything she touches, she tries to balance on her head...EVERYTHING!

The only mess that doesn't throw me into a screaming fit...mostly because other people can be witnesses.

Time flies when you have a baby like Parker! She is and has been an amazing child everyday of her life past 3 months. She has had multiple ear infections and been super sick at times and you'd never know it because she is ALWAYS happy and fun! Everyone that knows her knows what a happy kid she is. She has a smile that kills me. She smiles so big that she looks frustrated that she can't make it bigger, She smiles with her entire face and body! I can't get enough of this kid! She turned 1 on July 28th! She can't walk on her own yet and honestly she doesn't even seem interested. She could if she tried but there is not much trying. We haven't had her 1 year doc visit yet but I am sure she's at the top of the charts in everything like weight, height and noggin size. She is already is 2T stuff...I love Chubby kids! Parker is our little hippo baby. She has her 2 big top and bottom teeth and she smiles so big, it looks like a hippo yawning or something. She is THE best and cutest baby, EVER! I also have the best 6 year old and 3.5 years old but this is Parker's post. :)


Me and my GIRLIES!
Paul was ALWAYS down in the sand and getting dirty to play with the kids!

He is an amazing DADDY

She LOVES putting hats, towels, underware, shoes...anything that will stay, on her head!

Sydney and the girls...she was one of the "big girls"!

Well, A few posts down I talk about what we did on our Summer vacation then I posted tons of pix...because I did it all in one day it is all backwards but if you are just looking at pix I guess it's not a big deal. Here are just more random family/summer ones. Thanks for reading/looking at my blog.

Random pix of the summer and Family

Paul, Parker Kate and Kael

Parker Kate after she had a good sandy snack!

Twin cousins, Cooper and Joe, making memories...

Paul being an awesome Daddy on the Beach

Parker, me and Madison in Cali

4th of JULY

TJ made both these shirts! She is so awesome! Sydney turned 6 on the 6th!

Parker looked the best in her Tutu!

Humid but awesome parade!

Wyoming Pix

Paul, Mike, Allen (Dad) and Bryan
Good Sport!

Girl Cousins are the BEST!!

Bridge Jumping!

CottonWood Lake

Summer Vacation!

Well, Summer is over and here is a short recap of ours with pix because, if we're being honset, that is all anyone cares about.

Within 16 days we went from California to Utah, Utah to Wyoming, Wyoming to Utah and Utah to home (AZ). We spent almost a full week RIGHT on NewPort Beach in a house. We went with Paul's brother, SCott and his family and his sister, Kathy, and her family. It was AMAZING and I want to do that every summer! We stayed wet and sandy the entire time but that is a small price to pay. We spent the 4th of July in Springville, UT with my Brother, Blaine, and his family. This was awesome! Provo Parade was cute and Aunt TJ made all the girls there matching tutus! Thank you, TJ! Wyoming was a week of fun with the whole Merrill family! All 10 siblings and all the spouces and ALL 48 grandkids! We stayed at Paul's sister, Lisa's houses and had so much fun! I love those reunion! We then drove to St. George and stayed with my Best friend Aubri who married my cousin, Marc. We stayed for the weekend and drove home. The perfect end to our trip was that my WONDERFUL mother took all 3 of my kids the day after we got home so Paul and I could unpack and clean and be alone for the whole day! Beautiful!!!