Monday, March 15, 2010

Blue Dinosaurs!!

Joe was on his first soccer team this year! The Blue Dinosaurs! He liked it but each week all he was concerned about was when he was getting his trophy! Sydney has one and he wanted it so badly! He went to his games and went on the field when he was told. Most of our time on the side lines was spent yelling "Where is the ball? GO GET THE BALL!! Joe! Joe! Follow your team! Run Joe! Other way, buddy! Kick it, JoeJoe!" I'm fairly sure he was only there in body...his mind and spirit were somewhere very different. His coach was a little intense for these little first timers and I think he might have been relieved when Joe missed a game or a practice :( We loved watching him and laughing when he was dancing around the wrong end of the field with his hands down the back of his pants! On his last game, we all sprayed our hair blue and cheered our loudest! He did have the best hair on the team, NO DOUBT! Sydney was a big supporter and was exactly like him during her first and only soccer season! 4 year olds and sports...AWESOME!!

(last game of season)

(first game of season)


Maren said...

so fun! love the blue hair.

The Glenns said...

I have never been brave enough for the mohawk. It looked adorable.

I don't want to mention 'hair' to your family though. It gets me in trouble :)