Monday, March 15, 2010

Good Mom moments

As a Mom, there are days that I am more proud of than others...This was a good day. We woke up to pouring rain outside so I told my kids (in their pj's) to go out and play in it. They looked at me like I was trying to trick them into doing something wrong then cautiously stepped into the rain. The minute it hit them, they acted as they should, like KIDS! They ran around and jumped on the trampoline. Syd wasn't up to walking in the mud puddles but Joe wanted to try it. After the fun died down they wanted to take a bath together so on went the "bathing" suits and they had a WARM wet blast. After baths, we build a sweet fort in the living room with blankets and books and watched a movie with our stuffed animals. This picture is one of my favorites of all three of them. I'm not usually this fun. Infact, I'm pretty grouchy most of the time... I hope they remember the good times! This was a more simple "good mom" day. We just sat outside and played all together. It doesn't take too much to make them happy. They are the best kids! I am one lucky Mama.


Daybreaking Dickersons said...

What a good mom! Hopefully someday it will be warm enough here to play in the rain!

TJ said...

Hey, as long as you write about the good days as proof, it doesn't matter what they remember when their older.

Maren said...

i love these two pictures of your kiddos. and joe couldnt look anymore like paul!! way to be a good mom and let your kids be kids. i need to work on that.